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Conscientious Customer Service

As a claims service TPA, we play a very defined role in your insurance program. And we embrace it completely.

As a third-party administrator of health and accident claims, our job is to handle them efficiently and in accordance with the stated policy benefits—while treating all parties with the respect they deserve. It’s our role, and one we serve on a daily basis to help dozens of schools, colleges and universities save money in the administration of their insurance programs.  

Niche expertise—delivered with the kind of attitude you’ll wish everyone had.

It takes a team with exactly the kind of niche expertise NAHGA has developed over the past 30-plus years serving as a TPA. But beyond the skills to manage claims well, NAHGA clients appreciate the conscientious and friendly way in which we do it. Our customer service team is all US based. And you can always count on them to be friendly, courteous and extremely helpful.

Great service is a matter of policy.

We’re proud of the service we provide to some of the most prestigious colleges, universities and other programs throughout the country. We work hard to continue to earn their trust and confidence. The NAHGA service policies checklist ensures your satisfaction:

  • We assign every client a personal adjuster to examine and release claims, along with a Customer Service Representative who is available to answer questions on the status of any claim.
  • Our experienced team helps clients understand the complexities of the policies, and we work with them to get the information needed to complete their claim.
  • Our friendly and courteous Customer Service Team is 100% US-based.
  • We employ the latest technology to provide 24/7 online access to view all claim information through our NAHGA Portal, which is protected by advanced security measures.
  • We are HIPAA compliant with strict guidelines for handling all PHI (Protected Health Information).
  • We have adjusters licensed to serve clients in every state.
  • We achieve cost containment through a robust repricing network.
  • We have the ability to accept electronic claims from medical providers, making it easy and efficient to get your claim processed.
  • We can send provider payments electronically (e-payments) – no need to wait for a check in the mail.

The bottom line: NAHGA delivers on our promise to provide excellent customer service with prompt and accurate claim payments.