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How to File an Electronic Claim

Starting on August 1, 2024, NAHGA Claim Services will require electronic submissions of HCFA 1500 and/or UB04 forms from providers using our Payer ID 67788. This transition is part of our ongoing efforts to expedite claim processing most efficiently. 

How do I get set up to file claims electronically?

  • Please email our Electronic Clearinghouse: “Optum” at for instructions on how to establish a connection using our Payer ID: 67788.
  • For assistance with this transition, please email:

What is NAHGA’s Payer ID?

  • Our Payer ID is 67788

Do Providers need to resubmit bills submitted prior to August 1st, 2024?

  • No, only future bills dated post August 1st, 2024 are required to be transmitted electronically. Bills previously submitted, will be processed accordingly.

If I previously utilized the “Change Healthcare” clearinghouse will my profile work?

  • No, your profile will not work. You will need to sign up for their current solution “iEDI” from Optum. (Optum is the parent company to ChangeHealthcare.) Instructions for converting from ChangeHealthcare to Optum’s iEDI Clearinghouse, are below:

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the electronic claim submission process?

Can I still submit medical bills via paper/email until my access has been implemented?

What if my billing program will not allow HCFA 1500 and UB04s to be submitted electronically?

  • We strongly recommend electronic filing for faster processing, however, we still maintain processes for receiving claims via mail/email. For questions on how to proceed, please email us at: